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Hi, I’m Punita Rice! I’m the director of the outreach organization ISAASE, an education researcher and writer, a web developer, and the founder & blogger here at Punlearning. I was born in New Delhi and grew up in Maryland. I went to the University of Maryland and studied Journalism, Media, and Psychology, then worked in sales, web development, and digital marketing, before going on to Loyola University Maryland for my Masters in teaching. Then, I taught middle school Social Studies and English in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) for a few years before starting my Doctorate in Education at Johns Hopkins University. At Hopkins, my research focused on South Asian American experiences in schools, especially in context of teacher cultural proficiency, support, connectedness to school, and the model minority myth. I’ve also served as a visiting scholar at the University of Virginia’s Department of Philosophy (through grant funding from National Endowment for the Humanities), and as a research assistant at Loyola University Maryland’s Department of Literacy. While working on my doctorate, I continued teaching in MCPS (until my son was born), and also supported doctoral courses as a TA at Hopkins. I defended my dissertation early in 2017 (here are some findings from my research), and graduated from my program a few months later.

After getting my doctorate, I started an outreach and advocacy organization, ISAASE (“Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences”), aimed at helping students. Our main initiatives are the Diversity & Representation InitiativeTeacher Cultural Proficiency Initiative, and the Family Outreach Initiative. I’m also still writing and presenting on South Asian American K-12 experiences, and I’m working on a book on South Asian Americans’ school experiences post-multicultural America (which has its roots in my research). And, of course, I blog here at Punlearning. I started blogging (my first ‘real’ blog was on Tumblr in 2007) as a hobby in college, and mostly wrote about makeup (I also made a handful of hair tutorials on youtube), but eventually shut down those old blogs when I got busier with school. I started Punlearning (it was “Punita Learning” until I realized Punlearning was more fun to say) in 2014, to journal about education and about my program when I started my doctorate, but in the past couple of years as life has changed, the site has grown to include more topics. Today, I write Punlearning, run ISAASE, and freelance as a web developer from home (near Baltimore). You can find me on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook. Thanks for visiting and reading!

More Information About Punlearning

Punlearning, by Dr. Punita Rice, covers lifecareer (including academiateaching), motherhoodbalancestyle, and growth — aka learning & unlearning. Punlearning was established in 2014, disappeared for a bit in 2016 (while I was wrapping up my doctorate) and was brought back to life in early 2017. Punlearning is a growing blog, aimed at smart, interesting women, who have a love of learning and an interest in growth. Readers enjoy exploring online and expanding their horizons.

Punita’s writing and work, as well as content from Punlearning, have been covered and published in various outlets (here are some posts about recent coverage) including The Baltimore Sun (print and online editions), the Johns Hopkins University School of Education social media accounts, The Aerogram, social media accounts (such as @NormalizeBreastfeeding), and more.

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If you have a question about Punlearning, please reach out! Although, it’s possible I’ve already answered it (here are some FAQs). You can connect with me on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  You can also sign up for occasional newsletter updates about my site (and life!) here.

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