Happy Diwali!

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Teaching about Diwali

Thursday of this week is Diwali (also spelled Divali, and sometimes called Deepavali/Deepawali). Diwali is an important cultural (and religious) holiday, and it’s celebrated by over a billion people on Earth. If you’re teacher, this probably means many of your students and staff members are celebrating, too. Which means it’s probably also worth considering teaching about Diwali. So if you’re … Read More

Being a Teacher and Mom

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Katie M. Berggren - Being a teacher and mom

Are you a teacher and mom? Finding balance between being a teacher and mom can be difficult. My friend and colleague (and unofficial mentor/life-coach throughout my doctoral program), Dr. Natalie Duvall is a teacher and mom, co-owner of a tutoring business, and about a million other things (including a confectioner!). I asked her to share some thoughts with me about … Read More

Teachers, How Are You Teaching About Charlottesville?

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Teaching about Charlottesville

Teachers, how are you teaching about Charlottesville? I’ve been thinking about this since teachers and students are heading back to school in the coming weeks. Teachers are going to need to engage with students about the recent events in Charlottesville, and the intense mood of the country. And, teachers will have to be prepared to have meaningful discussions about tolerance, … Read More

Inspired By: Shaun Jayachandran

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Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy - Interview with Shaun Jayachandran

If you’re familiar with my outreach organization ISAASE (pronounced “iss-ah-say”), have you seen the “Be Inspired” project yet? The project is all about inspiring the next generation of young South Asian American students, by sharing profiles on diverse role models and diverse stories of success. For our first interview for the project, I connected with Shaun Jayachandran. Shaun Jayachandran is a … Read More

ISAASE Name Pronunciation Guide

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Name Pronunciation Guide

Having your name pronounced correctly is a big deal. But, as I wrote a post over at the website for my outreach organization, ISAASE, it can be an overwhelming task for a teacher to be expected to perfectly pronounce an entire (or multiple) rosters of complicated, foreign names. If you’re interested, here’s an excerpt from the ISAASE Name Pronunciation Guide, … Read More

Tips for Teaching South Asian American Students

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Teaching South Asian Students

My outreach & advocacy organization ISAASE (here’s the post about the organization) just released a one-sheet with quick tips for how teachers can support South Asian American students. Teaching South Asian students isn’t fundamentally different from teaching any other students — but like teaching any or all other students, teachers have to be mindful about recognizing diversity of students. This … Read More

Facts on South Asian Americans

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south asian students fact sheet

My outreach organization ISAASE (here’s a post about what we do) just put out a simple, one-sheet document that contains “fast facts” on South Asian American students. This South Asian students fact sheet provides a simple overview of (the diverse) South Asian American student backgrounds, the key issues related to South Asian American students’ experiences and selected data points, and … Read More

Keeping Brains Active this Winter Gives Students Boost

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Keeping Brains Active this Winter

Ed. note: This is a guest post by Larry Mager of ReadyBrain.net, for educators, teachers, and families.  Keeping Brains Active this Winter Gives Students Boost With winter and the holidays closing in, it’s easy for students to check out mentally. It can be especially hard for them to shake off the sloth of holiday breaks when it’s cold and dreary outside. This makes … Read More

Ugh, Columbus Day

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Ugh Columbus Day - picture from The Oatmeal

Teachers, how do you tackle teaching students about the actual legacy of Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exchange? We know Columbus was not a good guy, and that it makes little to no sense that there’s such a thing as Columbus Day — but it does make for a good teaching opportunity about the role of perspective in history. When I … Read More

Thoughts on Education Policy

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Thoughts on Education Policy

I wrote a brief rant/essay over at medium in which I ask: is education policy broken? Here’s an excerpt from the post: …We implement new concepts [in school systems] without even waiting to see the results of the initial intervention of the first one[s]. We ignore what the research tells us and continue doing more of the same. The trend is … Read More