Pregnancy Brain

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Did you have pregnancy brain?

Did you have pregnancy brain (if you’ve been pregnant)? For those of you who haven’t experienced it, “pregnancy brain” is a slight decrease in memory, and more notably, a slight decrease in your ability to focus.

Pregnancy brain is caused by a lack of quality sleep, decreased energy (you are, after all, growing a human being), and a number of physiological and neurological changes. It’s basically “just your pregnancy hormones having some fun — this time at the expense of your memory” (via What to Expect).

I definitely noticed (and occasionally continue to notice) the effects of “pregnancy brain” when trying to do coursework; readings would have taken me half an hour a year ago would now take me an hour or more, papers seemed to take twice as long to write, and sometimes I would lose my train of thought while writing a sentence. I also had a hard time remembering certain words sometimes, which was a new and terrifying feeling for me.

A few things that helped me cope with pregnancy brain…

  • Getting as much sleep as I could
  • Eating enough food (it seemed worse if I was hungry)
  • Drinking enough water (!!!)
  • Working more in the morning (it seemed to get worse in the afternoon)
  • Not staying up too late (see getting as much sleep as I could), especially since I felt most alert in the morning
  • Giving myself time to relax, which meant being more disciplined about getting work done

But I didn’t come up with a perfect system. So, if you’ve been pregnant and had pregnancy brain, what helped you?

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