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amazing things

Happy Weekend! Here are 5 amazing things and links from around the internet for your perusal. Enjoy your weekend!

(1) I’m obsessed with these high waisted jeans. I have them in classic blue, light blue, and black and wear them pretty much constantly. (Also – here’s a crazy good deal on Jeffrey Campbell booties.)

(2) The style in Napoleon Dynamite was ahead of its time. (I was just saying this!!)

(3) Are we going to talk about Shivani Bhagwan’s choreography?

(4) On privacy — here’s a TED talk from Glenn Greenwald on why privacy matters.

(5) Unidos por Puerto Rico is a disaster-relief fund for Puerto Rico and Mexico, launched by Beatriz Rosselló, the first lady of Puerto Rico. You can make a donation, and funds go toward providing aid and support to those affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane María. Also, here’s a Lifehacker post on various organizations you can donate to. (And, bonus, here’s a post on why you may not want to earmark how your funds can/should be spent by the organizations you donate to. Lots of useful information in the comments section too.)

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P.S. – A week left until Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8. Are you watching? Also, in case you’re interested: 5 great Instagram accounts for you to follow, and also, some more weekend links. Happy Weekend!

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