Have a Happy Weekend!

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Happy weekend - enjoy this lovely monkey

Happy Friday Evening! Here are some interesting links from around the internet for your upcoming happy weekend… Read on if you’re interested!

Sean “Diddy” Combs has a message for the hustlers.

Says Priya, “Those of us of a certain age will appreciate The Museum of Endangered Sounds, including beloved dialup.” (Thanks Priya!)

Is there ever such a thing as “just” metadata? Edward Snowden says nah.

Says @NoahJussi on pronouncing names:

you: Asian names are hard
you: I love the music of Tchaikovsky
you: Schwarzenegger movies are great
you: my fav Targaryen is Daenerys

(Luckily, ISAASE is on it. Here’s the name pronunciation guide.)

Inspiring and infuriating: The story of Michelle Jones’s journey from prison to PhD, to not Harvard.

Vanity Fair on Mark Zuckerberg X Russia. Yikes.

I figured it out late, but Dr. Raul Pachego-Vega shared my post on how to KonMari your Writing in a post he wrote on decluttering your academic life, over on his blog. Then, it was shared by @ETHEjournal, and @SAGEmanagement. Thanks, #AcademicTwitter. 🙂 Also, here are Dr. Pachego-Vega’s best tips for academic writing.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about treating yourself with kindness, and next week, I’ll share an interview with Natasha Sumant (of Gundi Studios).

What are you up to this weekend?

P.S. – Cute, comfortable underwear.

P.P.S. – If you find something interesting for me to include in next week’s roundup, please share it with me on twitter (@punitarice)!

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