Links for your Weekend

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Links for your Weekend

It’s my birthday weekend! Every year, the week before my birthday is designated as Hindi Movie Week in my house. But with a toddler, Hindi Movie Week has been way less successful than in years past. So far, I’ve made it through Neerja, and a re-watch of about fifteen minutes of Jab We Met (but didn’t catch this amazing song this time). Anyway, since I don’t typically post over the weekend — unless I have a parenting post scheduled for a Saturday morning (I schedule motherhood posts for the weekend since that’s when many of my own Mama friends get a chance to sit down with a cup of coffee and their phones!), and I don’t this weekend — I thought I’d share some links for your weekend now.

So, if you’re interested, here are five links for your weekend…

(1) For ISAASE’s Diversity & Representation Initiative, I chatted with Raj Rawal, a social producer for a cable network, about seeing himself reflected in Hollywood, and diversity in the post-Apu era. You can read what Raj had to say here.

(2) This is an amazing read (from last month): Evan Osnos (for The New Yorker) on the risk of nuclear war with North Korea, and what it’s like in North Korea right now. Says Pak Song Il, a North Korean government diplomat affiliated with the United Nations New York Channel:

“Is the American public ready for war? Does the Congress want a war? Does the American military want a war? Because, if they want a war, then we must prepare for that.”

(3) Here’s how Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. avoided a criminal indictment (The New Yorker).

(4) A nice Twitter war between the cathedrals of the world. (Also, add me on Twitter at @punitarice!)

(5) Have you heard of Coke Studio? Here, Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbas Rufi sing a version of the traditional Punjabi folk wedding song, Aaya Laariye, for Coke Studio Pakistan.

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P.S. – Here are last week’s links. Happy weekend!

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