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  • Dr. Punita Rice of Punlearning - Featured in The Baltimore Sun online edition
  • Dr. Punita Rice of Punlearning - Featured in The Aerogram
  • Dr. Punita Rice of Punlearning - Featured in The Baltimore Sun
  • Dr. Punita Rice of Punlearning - Featured by Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Punita Rice is the founder of Punlearning, a lifestyle blog about career, motherhood, balance, style, and education. Outside of Punlearning, Punita’s writing centers around education, education policy, and her area of research: South Asian American student experiences, especially in context of issues such as teacher cultural proficiency, connectedness to school, socioemotional support, executive functioning skills (and related supports), and the model minority myth. She is currently writing her first book, centered around the experiences and stories of South Asian American young people, based on her research, and framed in the context of a post-multicultural America. She is also the director and founder of ISAASE, an outreach organization aimed at improving the experiences of South Asian American students in K-12 settings. Punita has been a visiting scholar at the High-Phi Epic Questions Institute at University of Virginia’s Department of Philosophy, through a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant, has served on and chaired her former school’s literacy committee, and has also taught middle school Social Studies, English, and creative writing.

You can learn more about Punita’s writing at her main website, PunitaRice.com.


Punlearning is a lifestyle blog about life, motherhood, career (including teaching, education, and academia), style, and balance, founded by Punita Rice. The blog covers a broad range of lifestyle related topics.
ISAASE is an outreach and advocacy organization aimed at improving the experiences of South Asian American students in K-12 settings, and founded by Dr. Punita Rice. For ISAASE’s various initiatives and for the ISAASE blog, Dr. Rice writes content and conducts interviews. For ISAASE’s Diversity & Representation Initiative, Dr. Rice also profiles various South Asian Americans, as part of the ISAASE “Be Inspired” project.
Dr. Punita Rice is in the process of writing a book based on findings from her research through Johns Hopkins University’s School of Education. More information about this project, including a projected timeline for release, will be made available soon. For updates, please sign up for the newsletter!

Selected Publications

Recent selected publications and features include:

The Baltimore Sun (print), The Baltimore Sun (online edition), The Aerogram, Bullshit.ist, and more, including a variety of essays. A full listing of recent (selected) publications can be found at PunitaRice.com/writing.

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One-Sheets and PDFs

A number of fact sheets, documents, and PDFs have been created for ISAASE. A full listing of all one-sheets, PDFs and related publications for ISAASE can be found at PunitaRice.com/writing.

The Be Inspired Project

The ISAASE “Be Inspired” Project features profiles and interviews of diverse South Asian American role models, and their stories of success.
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Be Inspired

Read some recent posts about selected interviews for the ISAASE "Be Inspired" Project, right here at Punlearning.

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